Imagine this, It's Friday night you have had a long day and can't wait to get out and hit the bars. But wait. You realise you're wearing your grandpa's shoes that are sure to put you at the receiving end of "Sorry sir, no stag entry".
We're here to save all you brothers of the embarrassment with premium designer shoes that seamlessly transition from professional to playtime. Yes, we know we said designer shoes and you are probably thinking they're going to cost a bomb. Long story short, they don't.
We manage to do this by cutting out the middlemen and bringing you the product straight from our warehouses. And how can you be sure that the quality is top notch? Well, we happen to be manufacturers for some of the leading footwear brands around the world (whose names we obviously can't mention for legal reasons), and bring you the same value for a much lower price.
We believe that everybody deserves to look great. We also believe that the right pair of shoes can take you from average looking to the most attractive man in the room.
So, be prepared for all the attention you're going to get and join the VogueMonger family.